Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sketchbook Entry 42 - September 12

Getting back to the basics by painting monochromatic and working values. I set up 1 layer in Photoshop, chose 1 color and started painting with a brush that had "other dynamics" chosen, then unchecked that and detailed with a rounded hard tip brush.

This entry and SB entry 43 will be in a "Going Green" gallery show Sept. 15 at Tri-C East campus. Find out more info here These are framed and look awesome. Large mat, 11x14 frame and for sale.
This entry and SB entry 43 obviously don't look "green" currently b/c I want to show you the entire piece before it was framed. The framed piece is cropped in and has green gradients applied. You will have to come to the show Tues. to see the final product.

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