Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sketchbook Entry 46 - November 4

I will be in the "Deck the Halls" show at Pop Shop Gallery in Lakewood November 28 obviously artwork on skateboard. Here are the first two versions. My goal with this piece is to show FORE, MIDDLE AND BACKGROUND. Right now not sure what to do about the middle ground.
I'm still figuring out the colors so he middle migh come later. Sometimes you don't have it all figured out at first.

When I commited to this show I wanted to take a current sketch(rather than spend a ton of time concepting) I will be posting those sketches soon as well as a few others. And lastly, I looked at the human skull and a marsupial skull as well and combined them, the bio tusks are just my own....I wear them all the time.

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