Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sketchbook Entry 64 - January 22

Last night at DR SKETCHY..Awesome model, great contours. Bought some moleskin books and love them! My goal with this years sketch blog is to not only continue showing sketch work but more developed refined sketches as well. I'm actually drawing "happy" themes rather than "slaughter the masses" themes. I will also continue the process of projects like the skatedeck.


I am updating my website with new work and also putting together a store with signed and numbered prints. Thanks to all that follow and look let me know what you think, always open for feedback. Remember your entitled to your opinion as long as you are ok being wrong, but that's just me.

shirt line
The shirt line, is still going just a lot is under the works right now and can't post much yet. February most likely will be an "update" month.

I will be also posting a few pics of the POP SHOP 50$ show from a few weeks ago tonight or tomorrow, better late than never.

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