Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Middle of the night monsters

Well I drew this up at 330 am. Why was my adrenaline going?  Well instead of laying in bed trying to sleep I decided to just draw and try and piece together a coherent piece.  Funny thing is I just read a blog entry from Jeff Gogue- tattoo artist and he posted a similar article. I know work keeps me up. If it's going awesome.. Keep going, if it's going slow... Drum up business.. Market, sell.. Exercise, where I live. I never been a person that wants to sleep. 

As I sketch lately I'm thinking about how I would tattoo this piece. It really changes my dynamics of thinking.  Lately I been thinking a lot about texture and contrast.  

What is always on my mind is energy too.  I feel personally my first or second thought has the best energy for a piece. I try to get out my excitement for what I am drawing and keep it loose. I tell myself just to carve the block and don't refine. 

It's so stupid simple.  Fundamentals.  Draw, stay loose, have fun, no stress then light/shadow and correct perception of what I am drawing. 
I think this guys is skewed because I was laying on my side. Haha

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